They Call Me Mello (Novel)

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They Call Me Mello is the spin-off of the No Fraternizing series. I recommend readers read that series first before reading Mello's story since a lot of details from No Frat appears in They Call Me Mello.



Over the years, Romello “Mello” St. Claire’s good looks and unapologetic playboy charm has helped him to amass a mental Rolodex of women. He was schooled on the art of seduction before the age of 19. And as a result, he finds juggling the attention of the opposite sex to be as simple as blinking.

On the outside looking in, he’s got it made. Mello’s street smart, business savvy, well-paid, and a smooth-talking Casanova. But there’s a side to him he’s kept hidden... until now.

After a poor decision put Mello in the crosshairs of NYPD detectives, he’s forced to leave New York. What city does he run off to?


He planned for the move to only be temporary. But Mello’s escape from New York quickly evolves into something that challenges his original plans.

Mello arrived in Miami with one agenda: to lie low in the sunny south until police interest in him went cold up north. He expected the warmer climate. But he never imagined love being in the forecast.

Rayelle Bell, an exotic pole dancing instructor, saunters into his life as quickly as he arrives in town and circumstances draws him to her just as suddenly.

Unlike the women before her she doesn’t make it easy for Mello to make a place in her world. It’s not like she’s high-maintenance, difficult to please or anything. In fact, she’s the total opposite. But the emotional wall she’s built around her heart that’s thicker than New York City concrete keeps her on guard and immune to his game. It creates a challenge for Mello… and intrigues him at the same time.

He’s learned everything there is to know about women. What they like, what they want, how to offer all of that to them in a way they couldn’t resist and that would have them willing to do anything to keep his interest.

Well, after meeting Ms. Bell, he must forget all that he's been taught.

To earn her affections, he must assemble the puzzle that is him and dig deep to deal with the side of himself he hates the most… the demons of his past. But is Rayelle worth him dredging all that up?



# of printed pages | 235 pages

Book dimensions | 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Shipping weight | 14.7 ounces

Interior color | Cream pages, black lettering