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Living Out a Love Song is a 24K Valentine's Day novella. This novella is an extension of a side story that appears in When Life Gives You Sunsets, book two in The Energy Series. Though this story is related to When Life Gives You Sunsets, you do not need to read WLGYS first to enjoy Living Out a Love Song.


Living Out a Love Song Synopsis:

Danyelle and Clyde find themselves caught up in a forbidden romance that sings of passion and devotion. As Danyelle navigates the delicate balance between love and loyalty to her best friend, Clyde refuses to let go of the melody that binds their hearts together. Set against the backdrop of classic R&B tunes, 'Living out a Love Song' is a tale of clandestine love, soulful melodies, and the enduring power of genuine affection. Join Danyelle and Clyde on a journey where every beat of their hearts echoes the timeless rhythms of love, as they strive to rewrite the verses of their own love story against all odds.


Book Type: eBook

Genre: Romance

Trigger Warnings: Aside for the mention of a stroke and an appearance by the stroke survivor, there are no trigger warnings to report.


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Customer Reviews

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Daiyza Howard
Dani & Clyde

Ughhh They were so cute, but the way Clyde was standing on business I love it. He was not having it with the break up… like they were just cute man. I love the R&B reference it was so beautiful to read especially since I’m old school girly myself. This novella was just adorable and I’m glad Clarke was able to understand. 5/5⭐️ always.


This was so cute and sweet.. I loved it

Terra Robinson
'Cause I love you...

Clyde proved this to most definitely be the case the way he refused to give up on Danyelle, who was torn between her best friend and her soulmate. And while I understand her dilemma, he more than proved why their relationship should never be anything but the priority, when it comes to love and relationships! The soundtrack to their love played out in the form of vinyl classics that will leave you with nostalgia if you're familiar with old school R&B at its finest. This was a beautiful Valentine's Day read! BK hasn't failed me yet!

Lyrics I could read forever

This book was so lighthearted and so sweet. The character development was beautiful and I love that in the end love conquered all. I’ve always loved the best friend’s brother trope. This was very well written and I love how Clyde made it crystal clear that he was playing games with Danyelle. Their entire story was so sweet and I loved that even though Clarke was upset that they went did it without telling her she wasn’t a complete pain. I loved this book with everything in me and it was easily 5 stars.