GREED (Novella)

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GREED is book three in the Love Is Cure series - a series of standalone books that serve as a play on the seven deadly sins. GREED follows Bryant & Zoe - two strangers who meet by accident, literally, and who eventually form an agreement that sets off a series of events that find them falling in love. This is an entertaining when-opposites-attract type story where I play match maker with the vices and their virtues.



He’s a greedy genteel gentleman, and she’s a charming creative with a charitable heart. She’s forever willing to give the shirt off her back while he’s always thinking of ways to get more than he already has. They met by accident, literally, but after an unlikely agreement influences a series of events, a love they never saw coming blindsides them both.


“She was not the plan, nor was how we met. I was grateful she entered my life when she did, even if it was with a bang. At the time, the goal was simple, but the more I got to know Zoe, the more the goal became blurry. Unfortunately for us both, my plans were already in motion when we crossed paths and she was only to be a pawn in it all. In a short time, her position changed, though, and she became the queen I wanted to protect in my game. Zoe changed everything. Every single thing… including me.”


“He was not the plan. Even how we met was random as hell, but I’d be a fool to believe a higher power didn’t have a hand in it all. Our deal should’ve lasted only a day, a couple of hours actually, but you can’t stop what's in God's plans. Unfortunately for us both, I thought Bryant was one way, but he only ended up being a fraud. He treated me like a queen, but I was only a pawn in his greedy game. To wish I never met him would be to wish away everything that happened between us. And despite everything, I’m not sure I would change a thing… not even a little.”

Greed is a sin of desire, an inordinate want to have more than one may need. This vice deals with the obsessive pursuit of material possessions driven by the fear of scarcity. Much like pride, greed can be a gateway to other evils if the desire for excess leads to making earthly things one’s God. Can an altruist with a charitable heart shift the desires of the greedy one who has everything except for the one thing they don't believe they need at all… love?



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