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Originally appearing on BK Book Lounge, Glimpses has been eBook formatted (by popular request) for readers who prefer to read the Glimpses on their eReaders. Glimpses serve as character updates via story vignettes. Snapshots into the happily ever afters of previously published characters after their books were over. Glimpses are where the stories continue.


Glimpses, Vol. 1 Synopsis:

Catch up with some of your favorite characters from BK's book world. Couples appearing in this volume include:

Lila & Manny (No Fraternizing)
Leelah & Pryce (LUST)
Journee & Zyair (side characters from Rekindled)
Mello & Rayelle (They Call Me Mello)
Summer & Jayce (PRIDE)
Bryant & Zoe (GREED)
Mykal & Desmond (ENVY)
Everett & Apryl (GLUTTONY)
Luke & Juliette (When Luke Met Juliette)
Joi & Jeremiah (Loveless)

Dive back into the worlds of these couples to glimpse their lives after “The End.”


Book Type: eBook

Genre: Romance

Trigger Warnings: There are no trigger warnings to report.


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Customer Reviews

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Terra Robinson
It was a pleasure...

Catching up on my favorite BK couples and getting updated on where they are now! I'll never tire of hearing from all these characters...through cameos, glimpses or otherwise. Loved being able to enjoy the stories all in one ebook. And I'm sure I'll revisit it at some point!