Girl Code (Novella)

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Girl Code is a friends-to-lovers novella following Melodee Delon - a recently divorced grad student who finds herself falling in love with her best friend's ex-boyfriend.



A recently divorced Melodee Delon is dealing with a dilemma. Twelve years ago when she and best guy friend Amir Jones were teenagers, Amir suggested they be more than just friends. Loving their friendship just as it was and fearing he'd continue to want more for them, she panicked and hooked him up with her best girlfriend, Sheena Rincon.  Matchmaking proved not to be Melodee's forte. Amir and Sheena's relationship wasn't the best for the two years they were together and their courtship ended horribly right before their high school graduation. . It's over a decade later and Amir's feelings for Melodee have only gotten stronger. He's a major recording artist now and is traveling the world on tour with one of Hip Hop's biggest artists, signing multi-million dollar endorsement deals, receiving nominations for a multitude of awards, and is lusted after by many women in several area codes – local and international. But like LL, Amir needs love and the only person he wants it from is Melodee. And here enters the obvious problem… there's an unspoken rule in a sisterhood that states a friend should never date another friend's ex… especially if that ex is that friend's first love.  Besides, Sheena might never approve of Melodee and Amir's potential relationship anyway all because of a decision Amir pressured her into making as a teenager that's affecting her life as an adult. So now Melodee will have to decide what is more important to her, love or loyalty. And the decision won't be an easy one to make.




# of printed pages | 207 pages

Book dimensions | 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches Shipping weight | 13.3 ounces

Interior Color | Cream pages, black lettering

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Salene Whyte

This book was captivating. It was such a good story. I adore Brookelyn’s style of writing. She never fails to give her readers a page turner. Wow Amir and Mel had so much chemistry from the beginning of the book straight to the very end. Sheena though I understood where she was coming from was downright bitter and just awful. I hated her character. While I understood she was hurt I didn’t get why she was so bitter even though she claimed to be married to someone she loved and adored so much. Personally I feel like she only switched up in the end and was supportive because things were looking up for her but anywho back to AJ and his muse. Their transition from to relationship was so beautiful and the way he professed his love during that interview gave me goosebumps. The sex scenes were amazing and so spicy. Kudos to you Brookelyn. This was a well written story.