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ENVY is the fourth book in the Love is Cure, Vol. 1 - Vices & Virtues series. All books in this series are standalones and can be read in whatever order you choose. Characters who appear in Book Two in the series, LUST, appear in ENVY. The way ENVY is told, you can start with ENVY and read LUST after, if interested.  



She’s an egocentric journalist, enkindled with envy for earthly possessions belonging to others. He’s knowingly kindhearted, kin to a journalism king, and has an immense respect and duty to kinship. In any other circumstance, they would never have crossed paths, but when they do, it becomes an enlightening tale of when opposites attract.

Mykal Jones

“I hated Desmond when we first met because he stole my hopes and dreams. He waltzed right into my life and jeopardized the fruits of my hard work. That shouldn't surprise me though, because this always happens to me. I should be used to coming out the loser in this game of life, especially when it involves matters of the heart. So, yeah, I hated him. With his perfect smile and his perfect existence. Desmond’s name alone is a golden ticket in print media and I can’t help but to hate him for that too. But what I hate most of all is that his heart is so pure he can have every and anything he wants because he deserves it. So what does he want with me?”

Desmond Ellis

“I hated how Mykal and I met. She formed a negative first impression of me almost immediately where there need not have been. My intentions were never to be drawn to her or anyone, anyway. I was on a mission to carry out my father’s dream and to bring his vision to life, but I suppose God had a better plan to feed two birds with one seed. Because the way Mykal waltzed right into my life and stole my heart, took me completely off guard. And what’s worse is her stealing my heart and jeopardizing my plans is something she doesn’t realize she’s done. She is perfectly imperfect with raw potential and that makes her perfect for me. But how do I get her to see for herself that I’m perfect for her too?”

Many know envy as a sin of the heart, potent enough to cause unhappiness. It’s the most socially acceptable out of the seven deadly sins because envy is deeply rooted in human nature. If love is kind and also patient, can a virtuous love save an envious heart from self-destruction? *This book contains sexually explicit content, parental illness, and instances of verbal abuse. If any of the previously mentioned are triggers for you, please browse my catalog to find another story that will fit the reading experience you desire.

**ENVY is a standalone and the fourth book in The Love is Cure, Vol. 1 - Vices & Virtues series. Seven books make up this series. GLUTTONY is next…



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Salene Whyte
Delusional but loveable

I hated Mykal just like she hated Desmond. I took a while for me to get on the Mykal train but I’m a fan now. Desmond on the other hand I loved from the very beginning. I get that she worked hard but there’s also this great sense of entitlement. From my point of view she acts as if something is owed to her and I don’t like that. Her character really gave the word envy new meaning. Desmond’s character is level headed I love that. As I read further along in the book I understood why Mykal was the way she was she sought validation and love from her father. However he clearly resented her for not being a boy. He treated her so poorly and he never believed in her dreams and aspirations. This in turn made Mykal envious and bullheaded. Envy fits perfectly for her. She carried out the meaning of the title seamlessly. I feel for her character. One of my favourite supporting character even with his medical problems was Desmond Ellis II. How thirsty Mykal was for Pryce was downright disgusting. That wasn’t ok. I like how Pryce stood his ground though. That’s why I love him so much and I don’t feel sorry for Mykal she needed that reality check she was out of pocket. But at the same time I understood her reasoning for every single thing she did. Hurt people hurt people. And Mykal was definitely in pain. The way her her father treated her from she was a child straight into adulthood lead her down a part where she sought validation from
the men in her life. Desmond being ready and willing to go above and beyond to make his father’s dream come true was so beautiful. He’s admirable. Seeing my good sis Leelah is action gave me so much life. She handled Mykal real good and I was so proud. Leelah gave her dust. I was so conflicted reading the book cause I understand Mykal’s reasoning. I understood everything she did. I felt her pain but she made it so hard to get on board with her character. Desmond is a real black king. He didn’t flinch when he saw her break and he helped rather than brushing it off. Mental health is something that isn’t taken seriously so seeing him being there for her was so refreshing. Their love was so wholesome. I loved how she found herself ended up liking her character in the end and I was very happy when she stood off to her father. That was the icing on the cake. Their relationship didn’t start out the most conventional but it was nothing short of beautiful. Easily five stars. Kudos Brookelyn.