Ready or Not (Novella)

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Ready or Not is the spinoff to my bittersweet love story, Last Comes Love. It is recommended that readers who are interested in reading RON read Last Comes Love first.



After experiencing a heartbreaking loss, Rylee Daniels made a firm decision - she only has time to focus on four things: her career, her peace, her family, and her friends. That’s it. To her, if she’s got those four things, she will never want for more. Especially if that more involves putting herself back out there to date and possibly find romantic love again.

Because… she isn’t ready.

She wasn’t ready to lose her best friend. She wasn’t ready to raise two young children on her own. So, she certainly isn’t ready to put dating back into her life’s plans.

At least that’s what she thinks.

Her life has a history of presenting scenarios that challenge her beliefs, and Rylee will learn this once again when a change in routine alters her plans and parallels the possibility of being what she believed she could never be again - ready.



# of printed pages | 114 pages

Book dimensions | 6 x 0.29 x 9 inches

Shipping weight | 8 ounces

Interior Color | Cream pages, black lettering