Meant To Be (Novella)

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Meant to Be is the continuation of the short story "Karma Coated" which appears in Forbidden: An Anthology. I recommend readers read "Karma Coated" before reading Meant to Be since several scenes references instances from that short story.



"What are we doing, Gigi?"

"Surviving. We're surviving, August."

Life dealt Genesis Garner and August Hall two crushing blows in the same night - the death of their spouses and their spouses’ affair with each other. Blindsided by the news and forced to deal with their new realities, August and Genesis find refuge in one another while uncovering a truth they never saw coming. A truth written in the stars and meant to be.



# of printed pages | 128 pages

Book dimensions | 6 x 0.32 x 9 inches

Shipping weight | 8.8 ounces

Interior color | Cream pages, black lettering