Loveless (Novella)

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Loveless is the continuation of the short story "Decadent Contradictions" which appears in Forbidden: An Anthology. I recommend readers read "Decadent Contradictions" before reading Loveless since several scenes references instances from that short story.



Joi never cared for the white horse and a carriage or the storybook romance. She never had a love to pine for or had a man give her butterflies when he looked at her. Joi has never really believed in love... until now.

Joi Friday is a woman in search of security and couldn't care less whose toes she has to step on to get it. This carelessness lands her in an arrangement that delivers more grief than the bliss she believed she'd receive when she initially agreed to its "terms." She's always considered herself to be the loveless type. Sex was a thing to use and feelings were there to toy with. And love? Well, love to Joi has always been a mystery described in fairy tales she's yet to star in. That's until she meets Detective Jeremiah Rhames. He’s loyal, protective, honest and has the patience and discipline to capture her heart while sweeping her off her feet unexpectedly. To her surprise, he's opened to the one thing she's shunned for as long as she can remember… love.

Jeremiah has all the qualities Joi has never believed she desired, but that she craves. And unlike any other man she's ever dealt with, Jeremiah is offering himself to her with no hidden agenda. The catch? She must give up the life she's living to commit to a future that'll feed her soul.

Will she stick with a life that is draining her but offers the easy financial security she’s been after all her life or will she give it all up to be with a man who offers a love that is life-giving and makes each day worth living twice?



# of printed pages | 181 pages

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