Indecent Arrangement (Novella)

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Indecent Arrangement is the continuation of the short story "Tasteful Taboo" which appears in Forbidden: An Anthology. I recommend readers read "Tasteful Taboo" before reading I.A. since several scenes references instances from that short story. 



Sex, lies, secrets… and blurred lines. Karma - an effect from cause that can be transmuted, transformed, or even transcended. It has the power to bring about joy or pain…. based on the quality of one's actions. If karma were a café, it would be a place where orders and menus are unnecessary. That’s because when patrons arrive, they are served exactly what they deserve.

One night. That's all she thought it would be. A night set aside each year. A purge of sorts, to tame the sexual desires of guests in hopes to keep the peace in their marriages. The idea may register as absurd to outsiders but seemed ingenious to Joelle Victors.

Until she met Jordan Gabriel.

Joelle encountered Jordan several times during her visits to a local café but his attendance at an unusual annual couples event finally placed them both in the same path. Her decision to cross an already blurred line sends her life in a direction she would have never imagined it unfolding.

She broke one rule and her decision to break it became the catalyst behind an arrangement that challenges her bond with her husband Cameron. But there’s more than what meets the eye with this agreement. Because what starts out one way, will land Joelle in a compromising position where she must gain an unlikely ally in an otherwise indecent arrangement.



# of printed pages | 190 pages

Book dimensions | 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

Shipping weight |12.2 ounces

Interior color | Cream pages, black lettering