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One Mic is a 47K music reality show romance. This story is a standalone.


One Mic Synopsis:

In the high-stakes music world, where dreams are often made and sometimes broken, One Mic, a music reality show competition, will add a new dynamic to the mix when two contestants blur the lines between romance and rivalry.

Six talented artists, one coveted music deal, and only two weeks to prove they have what it takes to be the last one holding the mic. As the countdown begins and pressure mounts, love unexpectedly blossoms between two contestants, Jaide Belair and Lucas “Lucky” Cassidy, blurring the lines between romance and rivalry. With every lyric penned and note sung, Lucky and Jaide must navigate the unfamiliar waters of competition while struggling to make sense of a budding attraction neither one of them saw coming… or are prepared to see to the end. Can their new attraction survive the pressures of the reality show competition? Or will their ambition to be the last one standing make them favor winning over falling in love with each other?


Book Type: eBook

Genre: Romance

Trigger Warnings: Aside for mentions of drug use, there are no major triggers to report. 


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Customer Reviews

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Alexis Simone
One Mic Review

I loved this book so much it was worth the read i hope theres more to come!!!

Lakimba Jones

Absolutely loved it!!