October 28, 2023

Maybe This Time Will Be Different Sample

By Eighty Five Media
Maybe This Time Will Be Different Sample

This is an excerpt from the ByBK exclusive eBook Maybe This Time Will Be Different, available now on ByBrookelynMosley.com. Enjoy!

- BK ❤️

Please note: Maybe This Time Will Be Different is an erotic romance. This story contains profanity, explicit content, and adult language.

Maybe This Time Will Be Different

“So…” He slid his hands into his pockets. “Anything else need fixing while I’m here?”

I glanced around my room, shaking my head before my eyes landed on him again. His lids were low lidded when I got him in my sights again. And his eyes were everywhere but on mine.

“Nope.” I shook my head again. “Only the light needed attention.”

“Are you sure?”

Omar closed the space between us, and I positioned myself flat against my wall, pressing my back firm against it.

“You have nothing else here you need a man for? Nothing else needs attention?”

He bit his bottom lip as he closed the space between us.

“No,” I answered softly. “Nothing else.”

“How ‘bout that kitty, Kat?”

I fought back my smile.

“It’s been three weeks.” He grinned. “You mean to tell me it doesn’t need petting?”

“Three weeks is not a long time and even if it were, it wouldn’t bother me because I pet it fine.”

“Oh, I know.” He pressed his hands to the wall behind me. “I’ve watched you pet it, and you pet it well. But you don’t pet it like I do. I know how to make Kat’s kitty purr real good. You agree?”

Not a single lie told. I didn’t pet it anywhere close to how Omar petted it, that’s for sure.


I inhaled a stuttered breath. “Omar.”


“I’m not fucking you,” I decreed. “Okay?”

“That’s cool. But… may I fuck you?”



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