October 28, 2023

Drinks on Me Sample

By Eighty Five Media
Drinks on Me Sample

Here is a full chapter from Drinks On Me, my erotic drink-inspired vignette anthology. This one is Spiked Punch. Enjoy!

- BK ❤️

Please note: Drinks On Me is an erotic anthology and contains profanity and explicit content.

Spiked Punch

THE TASTE... fruit punch with a bite. The sweetness of Spiked Punch makes some drinkers take for granted how intoxicated they can get messing with it, and just how much control the punch can snatch away... if they aren't careful. Underestimate its power, and it'll make you do things you'd never do when sober and in control.

I mustered up the energy needed to push my boss Cash down on to his office couch. I'd been waiting all day to do this. Have him under my control for once.

My spell.

From that morning, all I was told was to do this and do that from him. He'd summoned me for every little fucking thing.

carmen, Carmen, CARMEN! 

Workplace romances were allowed. Working in entertainment made the rules seem lax.

He sprawled his arms out at his sides when he peered up at me. A smirk slowly pulled at his lips. I held on to my sneer as best I could.

Cash made my blood boil, my teeth grind against each other, and my thoughts plot his demise. It wasn't the fact that he was bossy that infuriated me. It was his nerve. His audacity. His devious disrespect and the attraction I had for it all.

"What you waiting for?" he lipped. "Take your clothes off."

I scoffed as I made my way to his office door and pulled the curtains closed in front of the glass.

"I'm not taking a damn thing off."

I turned on my heels and met his eyes with mine. The curiosity in his gawk made my right lip hike up a little. He really thought he ran things around here. Without me, he wouldn't know his left foot from his right.

"So, what's up?"

What was up was his conduct had been out of control and unbearable. Harsh words to me in rooms full of people, meetings ending in side-eyes and tight-lipped smiles from my peers who felt bad for the assistant who got walked on like a doormat from 9 to 5 by her boss.

I addressed his way of communicating.

His way of doing this.

His conduct. 

And he told me it wasn't up for discussion... ever.

So, we were going to see how true that was…

I dropped to my knees and clawed at his button. This wasn’t the first time we’ve had a meeting like this in his office. The only time he listened to me was when I was pleasing him. And it was a good trade off since he knew what to do with that thing between his thighs. So that night, I used it to my advantage, but in a more efficient way. He laughed at how much angst I was putting into undoing his suit pants and I smirked at the exchange of power shortly underway. A tug and a pull, and it was free. A weakness, he saw more as his strength.

"Aight, okay," he said, his smile so big the crease from it pushed his cheeks back. "You really want this dick, huh?"

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and leaned closer, my eyes on him and his on me. Brushing the head against my lips made his head above his shoulders loll the neck of his couch. Impatiently, he pressed his palm to the back of my head to push my mouth closer and angled his hips so I'd take him in. Maniacally, I moved my mouth out of the way.

Before he could start the first of his complaints, I opened wide and allowed my tongue to glide down the silky skin of his erection. A long, loud grunt escaped his lips and his fingers found their way through my hair. He grabbed a handful and scooted closer.

My strands were his puppet strings as he held my hair out of my face and used it to move my mouth up and down, repeating the action as he saw fit. My wet tongue circled his head, then flicked over the curve. I watched his lips form a small “O” and then a bigger “O” when I sucked in my cheeks.

My heart raced as my folds became slick. Glazing him like this always made me throb against the seat of my panties... more than how he throbbed in my mouth.

Cash's grip got tighter and his dick harder. He sat still as the calculated twirls of my tongue made his breaths shorter. I listened to his fingernails scratch at the arm of the couch as he tried to get a handle on what was to come.

The hint he was close seeped from the tip and salted my tongue and I smiled on the dick, pleased.

Look at him.

Barely able to hang on.

I tasted the desperation, felt it pressed against the roof of my mouth. He yearned for that release. Craved that happy ending. He was big shit walking around here with his chest out, barking orders.

Drunk with power.

But see... this? Right here? Right now?

Cash hanging on to me for dear life...

Depending on me to make his entire being climax by just the skate of my tongue and the tight close of my lips... this was the actual power.

Well, at least the type of power needed in dealing with a fool like him.

"Damn girl, shit! I'm... shit..." he stammered. His hips slowly rose from the couch cushion to bring more of himself closer to my throat.

And that was when I snatched my mouth off him and pulled away.

He looked at me, aghast.

Absolutely horrified.

Brows knitted, chest heaving. A sweat bead did a slow drip from his temple down to the side of his face.

He mumbled, “What you doing?"

I stood up from my spot in front of him and glided my fingertips around my mouth.

"Come on, baby. What are you doing right now? Finish."

"Hmmm," I hummed, tapping my chin. "Nope."

"WHAT!" he barked. "What you mean by no?!" Cash gestured at his hard-on glazed from my service.

The corners of his eyes collected tears.

He brought his hands up to his face, scraped them down slow while stretching the skin over his jaw. He took a series of deep breaths and I stood there watching, trying my hardest not to laugh.

"Carmen," he stressed.


"I think it's in your best interest to finish what you were doing."

"You want to know what I think?"


I responded by arching a brow.

"What do you think? Just say it."

"I think this is a good time to discuss your conduct."

He gasped and shook his head. "Come on, woman. Don't do that," he said low.

All I did was tilt my head to the side and pursed my lips.

"We discussed this already and I've told you that my conduct," he said with finger quotes, "isn't up for discussion."

"Remind me again... blue balls hurt, right?"

"Stop mixing business with pleasure."

"Says the guy getting head on his office couch."

"Look, if I say we ain't talking about this shit, we ain't talking about it. And that's final, you hear me?"

"Okay." I shrugged.

I turned to face his office door, prepared to leave him sitting there with his dick out.

He leaned forward to grab my hand, stopping me.

"Shit! Aight, aight... fuck." He scrubbed his fingers along the hairs of his eyebrow.

I tried my hardest to fight back my smile and almost lost.

He glanced down at his hard-on and grunted.

"Look, Cash, I don't want to force your hand," I said, giving in to my grin. "I only want to talk about it if you want to talk about it. And I mean seriously talk about it. So, do you agree it's a good time to discuss your conduct?"

"Yes. It's a good time," he mumbled. His right leg bounced up and down on the arch of his foot and he bit at his lip, clearly growing impatient.

"You sure?"

"Yessss," he said through clenched teeth. He took a deep breath, and on his exhale said, “Yes. What about my conduct, Carmen? Let's talk about it... quickly. Please."

I smiled. "Okay Cash. I mean... since you insist."



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